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Gynecological Disease Management

At Dr. Divya’s Ayurveda gynecology and fertility specialty clinic, we specialize in managing gynecological disorders such as irregular menstrual cycles, delayed cycles, heavy menstrual bleeding, severe pain during menstruation (dysmenorrhea), Endometriosis and associated symptoms like heavy bleeding, pain and chocolate cyst, Adenomyosis, fibroid, fallopian tube related issues, vaginal discharges and infection, PID, PCOD/PCOS, Menopausal discomforts, uterine prolapse, cystocele (urinary incontinence associated with coughing or sneezing), and recurrent urinary infections.

Patient Reviews

Hi everyone I am writing this on behalf of my wife Sagarika. We are from Hooghly, West Bengal. She had been suffering from endometriosis for the last 12 years and more. And every month was as more painful as it could be. She had to take painkillers upto 8-10 nos over a period of 48 hrs. No life was normal. We had been to CMC Vellore and laparoscopic surgery was done with no better results. Chennai fertility Centre they said no hope nothing can be done. Kolkata reputable centres, But NO Results. Then through a friend who earlier worked in Trivandrum, about six months back we got the address of Dr. Divya. From the very first telephonic conversation she had an extremely positive vibe, and we also hoped for a good result at least this time. For the last three four months she took 4 pills, Last two months only two and last month “ ONLY ONE “ that also as precautionary not as bound to take, everything has been possible only for Respected Doctor Madam. Today we have her usg report in hand and it’s nothing less than a miracle there is NO Endometriosis. We bow our heads to you Madam, thank you for your patience and understanding and your commitment. Thank you for giving us a life. No words can convey our gratitude towards Respected Doctor Madam. May God give her all happiness and success
Abhijith Chakraborty
Dr. Divya is one of the kindest person I have met. She has been such a support throughout the last few months providing positive energy and encouragement. Her treatment has helped me and I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is facing gynecological issues.
Thank you Dr. for all the care you have given me and most importantly for always being there for me.
Christina Kurien
I had been suffering from acute abdominal pain during my menstrual cycle for years. The first two days I will be bed ridden cause of the pain. These pains started after my second delivery. I consulted Dr. Divya about the pain and difficulties I was facing. She assured me it is curable and with in two months of having her prescribed medicine my pain became bearable. Now I am free from pain related to periods. Her medicine works you have to follow as directed by her. I am obliged to her. God Bless
Dr. Divya Sreenath, one of the best gynecologists in Trivandrum .She is always friendly, caring and kind. I went to her because of my irregular periods. within 2 months my issue is solved. She treats her patients with utmost care and sincerely. She always answers my doubts anytime without any inconvenience. we can talk about our issues openly to her. Staff is friendly and caring. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a great gynecologist .Thank you so much doctor
Dr Divya is one such gem of a person. She is such a compassionate ,kind hearted, friendly doctor .she treats her patients with utmost care and love. After her treatment my ovarian cyst which was under skepticism of hemorrhagic or endometrial cyst changed it composition to fluid cyst and a noticeable reduction in size is also seen. Most of my uterine fibroids also disappear which is not less than a miracle because allopathy doesn't have medicine for uterine fibroids other than surgery. She also helped me with my pcos and hormone related issues. Words will fall short infront of how grateful and fortunate I feel for her being my Doctor♥🙌
Since 3 years I had been suffering from lot of problems like Rheumatoid Arthritis, very bad period cramps due to endometriosis and urine infection. I was very scared to take medicines as if I would take medicines for one problem that used to aggravate my other symptoms. After seeing Google reviews I started taking medicines from Dr. Divya. Now it's been 3 months since I am taking doctors medicines. Now I don't feel any pain during periods. There had been no uti since then and arthritis pain have also reduced considerably.
Doctor had been very kind and patient in listening to all my issues. My mental state has also improved and I am leading a normal life without any pain.
I recommend Dr. Divya to anyone facing with gynaecological problems. She patiently listens to our problems and we feel positive and confident after interacting with her.
Thank you so much Doctor for all the care and support and may God bless you.
Divya Bhasurangan
Dr. Divya is an excellent ayurvedic doctor with honest and kind nature. My wife had a cyst of 5cm size in ovary. All other doctors said to do surgery. We have been taking Dr. Divya's medicine for last two months.
The cyst has completely changed after the scan. Thank you Dr. Divya
I can’t thank enough Dr Divya for her immense support and care she gave me during the toughest phase of my life. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, people who are familiar with this can understand how painful our journey can be both physically and emotionally, only a specialist Dr in this field can understand the root cause and advise right medicine for you, she will personally see to it if the medicines are working for you, that you are not having any side effects, emotionally if you are facing any issues she will have cure ready , there is no word as impossible in her dictionary. You really made a huge difference in my life positively. I always thank that day when I was introduced to you Dr Divya.
Sheena Subash