Our Treatments

Pre-Conceptional Care and Infertility Management

We understand that fertility issues can be a source of stress and frustration for couples trying to conceive. At Dr. Divya’s Ayurveda gynecology and fertility specialty clinic, we offer pre-conceptional care and counseling to help prepare your body for conception. We also provide comprehensive infertility management services, including treatment for male and female infertility, especially due to PCOS, endometriosis, low AMH, irregular cycles/anovulation, PID, fallopian tube related issues, and male factors like low sperm count, motility issues, quality of sperm issues, delayed liquefaction, infections of glands, etc. We also offer pre-preparation before IVF to improve the quality of sperm and egg and common issues like thin endometrium low AMH and pre embryo transfer to improve the success rate.

Patient Reviews

We are very thankful to doctor.. We were trying to conceive for 4 years..my amh level was 0.5 when I decided to meet doctor. After taking her online consultation for 3 months, my amh level increased to 0.75 and next month I became pregnant. The pre conceptional care that she given me helped me to become pregnant.. later she continued her treatment throughout my pregnancy journey. Now after my delivery I am taking her post natal care. It helps me to recover from all postpartum issues...She is a dedicated doctor to whom we can share all our doubts freely. She is always helpful and concern about us .Also we get a positive feeling and a hope after talking to her . Sincere gratitude and love for her. May god bless her.
We have received a very good experience at Dr. Divya's Ayurveda Gynecology & Fertility Specialty OP clinic. We are very thankful to Dr. Divya sreenath ma’am for the support and listen to our issues very patiently. We tried for the last 2 years with so many doctors but none of them works for us. We almost left hope and started thinking about other alternative methods, and then we came to know about Dr. Divya sreenath ma’am. We get positive hope from her consultation, scientific approach towards treatment and most importantly always support us during the course of treatment. We are very happy today as we are blessed with a baby girl. I thank Dr. Divya sreenath ma’am for all your support.
Dr. Divya Sreenath is the kindest person we have ever met. After a long wait of 7 years, a good news came for us. For the last 5 years, we have been treated by many doctors. A happy news came into our life within 3 months of treatment from Divya doctor. To me and my husband Doctor is equal to God.
Deepasree Achu
Dr. Divya, The most precious person I met in my life with lots of kindness, love and care. We were tried for a baby last 7 years by consulting many of doctors and clinics. When we are losing hope and we found about this clinic somewhere and we just tried again. We went here for 6monts and her medicines gave us a positive result. We had a good time with Dr. Divya. And finally we are waiting for our little one.
I have no enough words to thank you. But thank you so much for your love ,care and everything.
Nikil Lal
Dr Divya sreenath is a amazing doctor and a wonderful person.one of the best gynecologist in Trivandrum. To me and my husband she is more or equal to god. Thank you for your support during some really tough times, as well as your encouragement to helped me get to the best times in our life.
I visit her for my fertility treatment and I got positive result within 2 months. she is such a blessed Doctor.. I have no enough words to thank you....but thank you so much for your love ,care and everything.
I got to know her through youtube channel and I consulted for my infertility issue and I got positive result within one month. She is very kind hearted and soft spoken. God bless her in all manners for her karma. I like her very much and she will be always there in my prayers.
Arya Venu